Results from for Boldium’s new homepage, cleaner than 88 percent of web pages tested.
Results from for Boldium’s new homepage, cleaner than 88 percent of web pages tested.

Boldium recently released our new website, and we’re proud to say that our homepage is cleaner than 88% of sites tested on — emitting just 0.15g of CO2 per page view.

But what do we mean when we talk about eco-friendly websites? How much of an impact do websites really have on the environment? And how does one make a more environmentally friendly website?

Well, let’s talk about it.

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We officially launched our new website, a true labor of love. As an agency that’s all in on radical candor, we’d love to hear what you really think ;-)


At Boldium, we launch, reinvent and amplify companies to make a positive impact. Here are a few ideas for what you can do today, right now, in this very moment, to make your organization — and your world — a more compassionate place.

Web sustainability

One of the greatest things about road trips is that they inevitably lead to powerful connections—with landscapes, with culture, and most often with your travel companion. At the same time, traveling comes with a lot of responsibility. We imagined what a dream road trip would be for us personally. We hope they inspire you, and we’d love to hear yours!

Nirmal Sherchan, Visual Designer

Q: Tell us about your dream trip?

A: My ancestors were traders and they traveled a lot on foot and horse in the Himalayas, trading between Tibet in the north and India in the south. My dream trip would be to cover a section of one of the many routes they took, camping along the way as they did.

Q: What route would you take?

A: I would cover the mid western region of Nepal from Lake Phoksundo to Tukche, where I was born. The trail I would take crosses west to east, over 5 passes 5,000 meters high.


At Boldium, we build websites for a wide variety of clients — some are large companies, with existing technological infrastructure, and some are companies or organizations that are just getting started, and do not yet have web infrastructure in place. We often get asked what sort of infrastructure — CMS, hosting, etc — we recommend. Sometimes, clients are surprised when the answer isn’t always ‘Wordpress’.

For many of our clients, they are already comfortable with Wordpress, or have existing content already living there. We’ve created tooling and methodology here at Boldium to make Wordpress development as manageable, flexible, reliable, and…

An old jalopy that is carrying surf boards to the beach even after all these years.
An old jalopy that is carrying surf boards to the beach even after all these years.

As a wedding present, someone gave me and my wife a juicer — one that her mother gave her. It’s nearing a hundred years old. And you know what? You put a lemon in that thing, press down, and juice comes rolling out. It’s 2 pieces of metal and a bolt for them to rotate on. It still works almost one hundred years after it was made.

Sometimes I hear people talk about their website like it’s my fine juicer — always doing the same thing, reliably, never needing upkeep, just functioning. …

Are we gradually falling into an economic, environmental and moral spiral? More frequent acts of terrorism, shrinking ice caps, racial and ethnic violence, the list goes on. While on the one hand, one could easily make a doomsday argument, if we look at one of the most fundamental forces driving how we relate to each other, there’s cause for optimism.

Millions upon millions of individuals from almost every walk of life are increasingly making conscientious, value-driven decisions about what to buy. Collectively, these everyday purchases are exerting a significant force on our economy.

To see if this idea holds water…


Boldium is a values-driven design and innovation agency committed to creating a more compassionate, equitable, and sustainable world.

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