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  • desket


    desket is the one stop shop marketplace for designers.

  • Zone of Designers

    Zone of Designers

    Share the knowledge to grow. www.zode.com.br

  • DoorDash


    Get more from your neighborhood. Order now at www.doordash.com.

  • Berkeley Startups

    Berkeley Startups


  • Andrew Bermudez

    Andrew Bermudez

    CEO &Co-Founder @ http://www.digsy.ai — Passionate about #CRE #Sales #AI #Productivity #predictive analytics and #automation

  • Bob Ruffolo

    Bob Ruffolo

    Inbound Marketer, Founder and CEO of @impactbnd, @HubSpot Diamond Partner. Check out the IMPACT Show on Facebook & iTunes.

  • Suzanne Popkin

    Suzanne Popkin

    Passionate about how to teach kids so they'll really learn. Creator of iPhone app series: Gigi and Frank. Contact: suzanne@bookboing.com

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